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Lime Scooter Promo code – First Time: R2KLNXW


We want you to enjoy your first ride with Lime scooter. Your first ride is free signing up using promo code: R2KLNXW

Redeem free ride is as easy as three steps

1. Click on Wallet at the left hand Menu

2. Click “Add A Promo Code” and “Add Promo”  and enter R2KLNXW

3.  Enjoy your first ride for free!

lime scooter promo code for free

 Image by Lucy Nicholson

How to sign up Lime scooter

Sign up with Lime scooter is extremely easy. You can register Lime scooter account in Lime app Download here. Don’t forget to use free ride coupon code: R2KLNXW

How to use Lime scooter

 Image by Lime

Lime scooter is easy and fun

Download Lime scooter App Today!

Don’t forget to use coupon code: R2KLNXW

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lime scooter promo code for free